University of Georgia
1. Who was the 1st President of UGA?
2. How old was Abraham Baldwin when he entered college?
3. Where did he go to college?
4. What was the date of the 1st charter of UGA?
5. What was Baldwin’s death date? How old was he?
6. What was the salary for the president of UGA in 1801?
7. What was the date of the first graduating class?

8. The first man to use ether as an anesthetic studied at UGA. Who did he room with? Why is this person important?
9. UGA is one of the 3 oldest public schools. What are the other two?
10.United States hosted the Olympics in 1996. Atlanta was the host city. Where were other events held?

11.Who was a member of the Board of Trustees for UGA?
12. What is the name of the Special Collections libraries at UGA?
13.Public Service and Outreach is central to the University’s mission spearheaded by the efforts of what Institute of Government?

14.UGA’s main library houses what original documents?
15.Athens was spared _ _ _ ___ leaving what behind?
16.UGA libraries have established the Georgia Writers hall of Fame. Who are some of the first 12 members?

17. What is the legend about The Arch?