Judicial Branch Webquest – To get to the websites click on the link (usually blue or purple and underlined)
  1. List each branch of the government and its function in government.
  2. The judicial branch decides if the laws _ _ _.
  3. What is the judicial branch comprised of ?
  4. What is the highest court in the land?
  5. Who nominates the Supreme Court justices?
  6. Who approves them?

Supreme Court Justice
7. What is a justice?
8. How many justices?
9. How long do they serve for?
10.What is their job?
11.Who was the 1st female Supreme Court Justice?
12.When was she appointed?
13.Who appointed her?
14.Who was the 2nd female Supreme Court Justice?
15.Who was the 1st African-American Supreme Court Justice?
16.Who appointed him?

Supreme Court
17.The Supreme Court is the only court established by what?
18.What is the motto of the Supreme Court?
19.The decisions of the Supreme Court are _ and .

Supreme Court Justice Qualifications
20.Are there formal qualifications?
21.Every justice that has been nominated have been an _.
22.When did the court first convene (get together)?
23.Who was the Chief Justice in the beginning?
24. Today, how many justices (include the chief justice)
25.When the 1st court got together, how many justices?
26.Can the Supreme Court justices be removed from the bench?
27.How long is their service?
28.Upon retirement, what do the justices retain?
29.What is the only retirement requirement for a retiring justice?

Current Supreme Court
30.Who is the current Supreme Court Chief Justice?
31.Who are the current Associate Justices?
32.(Scroll to the bottom) Is the building open to the public?
33.When does the term of court begin?
34.Approximately, how many petitions are filed in a course of a term?

35.Search the web, see what some of the current cases that have gone through the Supreme Court in the past year.