Jimmy Carter Webquest
A. **Early Life**
1. What was Jimmy Carter’s full name?
2. Jimmy Carter was the 1st President to be born in a .
3. Where did Jimmy Carter grow up?
4. Describe what he liked to do, what kind of student he was in school.
5. Where did he go to college?
6. What was his first job out of college and what did he do?
B. Jimmy Carter as state senator
1. What did Carter do after his dad died? What did he do for a job?
2. What did he do that showed he was a leader in the community?
3. When was he elected to the Georgia Senate?
4. What two issues did he focus on while he was a Georgia Senator?
C. **Jimmy Carter as governor**
1. Jimmy Carter became Georgia’s _ governor. (scroll down to Governor of Georgia)
2. When was Jimmy Carter sworn in as governor of Georgia?
3. Carter called for an end to racial _ and hired a number of _into state positions. Carter also used his business experience to reduce the _, _ and emphasizing efficiency.
D. Jimmy Carter as President
1. What President was Jimmy Carter and when did he take office?
2. Describe 3 problems that Jimmy Carter faced as President?
3. Describe 4 things that he was able to accomplish as President?
4. What foreign issue was considered his greatest success as President?
5. What foreign issue contributed to his failure to win the 1980 presidential election?
6. How did Jimmy Carter seek to improve the environment?
E. Jimmy Carter past president
1. In 1982, Carter became a professor at what University?
2. As a professor what center did he create?
3. What is the purpose of this center?
4. What year did Carter win the Nobel Peace Prize?
5. What did Carter win the Nobel Peace Prize for?
G. Fun Facts about Jimmy Carter__
1. Describe Jimmy Carter’s UFO experience. (Scroll down to other activities)
2. Name 2 bands that Jimmy Carter listened to.
3. List 5 sports that Carter likes to participate in.
4. What are Jimmy Carter’s favorite foods?
5. Describe one crime or bad act he did when he was a kid.
6. Play this word search game about Jimmy Carter.
7. Play this Presidents of the U.S Trivia game.
8. Play this Presidents of the U.S hangman game.