The Great Depression Webquest
SS8H8b. Explain economic factors that resulted in the Great Depression.
  1. Login to Brainpop. Username: RMScience Password: 4disney2
  2. Watch the brainpop on Causes of the Great Depression. Watch it in CC. When the screen for the movie pops up, hit to play and click on CC(closed captioning) - Make sure the volume on your computer is turned OFF.
Answer the following questions as you watch it.
  1. What was the focus of the roaring 20s?
  2. What did people spend their money on during the roaring 20s?
  3. Who had a hard time after WWI?
  4. What is a recession?
  5. Why did the recession turn into the great depression?
  6. What did President Herbert Hoover do to try to help the depression?
  7. What do most people believe pulled America out of the Great depression?
Take the graded quiz at the end of the Brainpop movie. Record your score:_ Teacher initial: ___

  1. Describe the 7 major causes of the Great Depression.

  1. What was considered the official beginning of the Great Depression?

  1. Scroll downthe page until you see a list of bullets. Pick 3 of the people and read about their experience during the Great Depression. Record their name and write a paragraph describing their experience of the Great Depression.
    1. _
    2. _
    3. ___
    4. **Interesting Facts** about the Great Depression
      1. Describe the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
      2. What were “Hoovervilles”, “Hoover Stew,” “Hoover blankets,” “Hoover hogs,” and “Hoover wagons?”
      3. Severe _ and _ made the Great Depression worse because _
4. Why did the game Monopoly become popular during the Great Depression?