1.The Power of the Executive Branch is vested in who and he/she acts as what?

2. The President is responsible for what?

3.The Vice President is part of the Executive Branch. What is his/her primary responsibility?

4.The Presidential Cabinet and independent federal agencies are also part of the Executive Branch. What are they responsible for?

5. What article in the Constitution describes the powers of the Executive Branch?

6. What are the three qualifications for president?

7. What are the names of our current President and Vice President?

9. What is the election process of the President?

10. How many electoral votes does it take to win the presidency?

11. What are the top 5 states with the most Electoral College votes?

12. Can a candidate win the presidency without winning any of those 5 states? What does the map look like?

13. What is the easiest way for a candidate to get to the necessary electoral votes to win the presidency?

14. What is the definition of a swing state? What are they also called?

15. Why do all votes not count in a presidential election? Explain.

16. Do Democrats or Republicans have more safe states?

17. Where do candidates spend their time on the campaign trail?