Home Depot
  1. Who are the founders of Home Depot?
  2. When and where was Home Depot founded?
  3. Who has the bill of rights in Home Depot?
  4. What are some of the brands in Home Depot?

Georgia Pacific
  1. What year was Georgia Pacific founded?
  2. Where did it start?

Click on the historical timeline
  1. What year did Georgia Pacific exceed $1 billion in sales?
  2. What year did Georgia Pacific move to Atlanta?
  3. What year did Georgia Pacific celebrate the 75th anniversary?
  4. In 2003, what happened?
  5. Georgia Pacific is one the world’s leading maker of what?
  6. What are some of the household brands?
  7. Georgia Pacific started out as what?
  8. Georgia Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of what company? Located where??

  1. What did Delta start out as?
  2. What year?
  3. Who is the founder of Delta?
  4. Where did Delta start out?
  5. Where did it move to 1925?
  6. In 1928, the founder renamed it Delta Air Services. Why?

  1. What year did Coca-Cola begin?
  2. Who created it?
  3. Who came up with the name Coca-Cola?
  4. How much was the 1st serving sold for?
  5. In 1899, three businessmen from where? What did they secure?
  6. When was the Coca-Cola bottle trademarked?